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Teacher Information

 CERC is always looking for new homeschool teachers to join in our ministry of serving homeschool families. If you are interested in teaching a class at CERC, please complete the following forms, sign each form, and return them to CERC. Please see the calendar for class submission deadlines.

Teacher Requirements

A degree is not required. CERC looks for teachers with a passion for the subjects they teach and a passion for teaching. Prospective Teachers and Classes are reviewed by our Board of Directors and the schedule is designed each semester to meet the needs of our families.

You want to teach, but you aren’t sure what to teach?

Research popular homeschool curriculum. Submit a class if you find a subject and curriculum that stands out to you. CERC has seen an increase in demand for Elementary and Jr. High subjects. We would love to have a broader selections of courses for the coming year.

Class Submission Deadlines

2016-17 School Year – Due February 19, 2015

Camps, Workshops, and Summer classes submission deadlines vary. Please contact CERC by e-mail for more information.

Teacher Forms are available here.

Please return all completed forms to CERC. Give us a call if you have any questions.