Literature and Grammar – Middle School gr 6-8


Students will experience all aspects of Language Arts in this literature based  course.  In class we will discover plot, characterization and other literary elements, touch on grammar and vocabulary.  At home, students will enjoy engaging in great literature and work on a combination of skills at home:  reading, vocabulary, writing, and grammar.  Most   important, students will learn to identify and analyze an author’s message, and then thoughtfully articulate a biblical response to said message.
In addition to the reading the literary selections in the textbook, we will enjoy reading and study two novels, The Bronze Bow and Holes, as a class. Please note that in order to make class discussion easier, the instructor will purchase the same edition of each novel for the students. The cost of the two novels is included in the material fees.
For our grammar lessons we will use the ingenious Fix It! Grammar series.
Taught by Tabitha Berry
Thursday @ 9:00 – 10:25

Class Code: LA2133

Tuition: $55

Materials Fee: $30

Estimated Hours of Homework per Week: 4-5

Required Materials: binder, 2 folders with brads, pens, internet access

Textbook: (1) Fix It Grammar, The Nose Tree 3E (IEW); STUDENT BOOK 1 ISBN #978-1623411428; (2) Explorations in Literature 4E Student Text ISBN 978-1628564426

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Term: Entire Year 
Minimum Students: 6    Maximum Students:  12 
Accept students mid-semester: Yes