{2019/2020} MS American History and Literature – gr 6-8

Description: America the Beautiful is a Middle School American History and Literature course designed to bring history to life.
Each unit typically includes lessons in the following categories:
  • Our American Story – A lesson telling major events of the time period of the unit. These lessons include, for example, Thirteen American Colonies, The Civil War, and President Roosevelt and the New Deal.
  • God’s Wonders – A lesson about an amazing creation God placed in America that relates to the unit’s time period. For example, students learn about Yellowstone after the Civil War, when it became a National Park; and they learn about the Black Hills in the unit on the 1920s, when work on Mount Rushmore began.
  • An American Landmark – A lesson about an important site in American history that relates to the unit’s time period. For example, students learn about The Gateway Arch during the unit that covers Lewis and Clark, and they learn about The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island during the time of major immigration around 1900.
  • An American Biography – A lesson about a person who lived during the time period being studied. For example, the Cherokee man Sequoyah is featured in a unit on the early 1800s, and baseball star Jackie Robinson is featured in the unit on life after World War II.
  • Daily Life – A lesson about how certain people lived and worked during the time period of the unit. For example, when studying the colonial period, students learn about colonial craftsmen and merchants, and when studying World War II, they learn about life on the home front. Several lessons also look at daily life for Native Americans in different parts of the country.
There will be four works of literature assigned to coincide with the time period being studied and a required book report for each. This course will rely heavily on reading the assigned unit and completing homework assignments at home throughout the week.
We will review/discuss the assigned unit, complete hands-on activities, take tests/quizzes and analyze the literature during class time.
The curriculum bundle includes a map book for Geography, Bible lessons and writing assignments (listed in the unit) to round out your year-long curriculum. While we will not use these in our class, it does allow you the option of additional full year credits in Geography, Bible and Creative Writing at home.
Taught by Michelle Nott
Tuesday @ 1:30 – 2:55

Class Code: H2133

Tuition: $55

Materials Fee: $45

Estimated Hours of Homework per Week: 3

Required Materials: 3-ring binder, paper, colored pens/pencils, highlighter, dictionary

Textbook: America the Beautiful curriculum package and America the Beautiful Lesson Review (ISBN 9781609990152); America the Beautiful Timeline (ISBN 9781609990145); Amos Fortune, Free Man (ISBN 9780140341584); Little Town on the Prairie (ISBN 9780590488112); Bound for Oregon (ISBN 9780140383195); Homer Price (ISBN 9780140309270)

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Term: Entire Year
 Minimum Students: 3    Maximum Students:  15
 Accept students mid-semester: No