{2018/2019} Institute for Excellence in Writing 2 – gr 5+

Description: In IEW 2, we will review keyword outlines, dress-ups, openers, and techniques learned in IEW 1. We will use a variety of sources to practice writing structure and style. IEW 2 students will learn to write five paragraph essays (including intro, conclusion, and bibliography), creative writing, reports from multiple sources, writing from pictures, and advanced dress-ups. After completing IEW 1 and IEW 2, students should feel confident in their writing ability regardless of type of paper or subject.

Taught by Susan Swiggart
Tuesday @ 9:00 – 10:25

Class Code: LA2136

Tuition: $55

Materials Fee: $40

Estimated Hours of Homework per Week: 3

Required Materials: Paper, Pens (no pencils), thesaurus, highlighter

Textbook: n/a

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