Foreign Language

  • American Sign Language 1 – gr 9+ - This class is a basic guide for learning finger spelling, signed vocabulary, and basic American Sign Language (ASL) grammar. This class will also be learning about Deaf Culture and Deaf Community.
  • American Sign Language 2 – gr 9+ {FALL INTENSIVE} - This class will continue in the basics which have been taught in ASL 1.
  • Spanish 1 – gr 9+ - This is a 2 hour high-school course designed to familiarize the students with pronunciation, simple grammar, vocabulary, and basic conversation elements in the present tense. A combination of immersion and grammar-based teaching will be utilized, the students should be prepared for lots of interaction.
  • Spanish 2 – gr 10+ {2017/2018} - This 2 hour high-school course is a continuation of skills learned in Spanish I. It will continue developing the students' conversation and pronunciation abilities, while expanding their listening skills and grammar use. In particular, we will learn to use two forms of past tense.