Test Reservation Form

Test Reservation Form

Please read and follow ALL the instructions for ordering your tests through BJU Press, prior to making a reservation with CERC.

Tests must be ordered 6-8 weeks prior to the test date.

Please note: For Stanford and Iowa testing, we usually arrange to have specific weeks for the different tests. Please make a note of the testing dates for the different tests on the calendar.

Comprehensive Testing Program Grades 4-10 is NEW for 2018. Please be sure to check the Homeschool Testing Services link for all information and tests. Check our calendar to confirm dates.

Please see the calendar for test dates.

Student Information

The following information is collected to ensure the appropriate number of proctors are scheduled for testing, as well as to complete the required Test Administration forms at the time of testing.

Up to 4 students may be entered on a single form.

for Student 1

for Student 2

for Student 3

for Student 4

How many months of study have been completed for above grade level(s)?